Welcome to Zesteria's alliance rules and guides!

For ease of use, you can use this link in Age of Z to refer members to this page: Zesteria rules.

If you'd like to, you can join our facebook group as well: Zesteria - AoZ.


1. Rules for new members

As new members pls read our rules:

1.1 Alliances to avoid

The following list of Alliances (and their farms and academies) must be avoided at all costs (if the leader or a deputy doesn't tell you otherwise), because they're either our friends, and/or are in union with us or with friends, and/or are in the TOP10 alliances. Pls also check the Guide to attacking other cities section.

2. Alliance farm guide

For those of you who are interested, we have now created a farm alliance. It is named "Zesty(ZFM)". Most of the top alliances have farms so we thought it would be beneficial for us to have one. For anyone unsure of this works, the concept is follows:

You create a second account (ensuring you keep your main city bound to a third party account, like Facebook and Google) and level this up to a level you feel happy with. You can then use this farm account to gather, harvest and store resources. When your main city is need of resources, you can then attack and pillage your farm city for free resources (remember to send your farm troops away first, e.g.: gathering).

Rinse and repeat

It is up to you how high you take the city or how often you farm it. This has been a common source of resources for many alliances since the start of the game.

The only real rule that you would need to follow in the farm alliance is that you are NOT allowed to hit someone else's farm unless they have given you express permission. There is absolutely no aobligation for you to create a farm account, this is completely up to you. Also, there are no donation or activity rules either. You can donate and login as much or as little as you like.

If you do decide to create a farm and apply to the farm alliance, please change your name or let a leader/deputy know so that we can accept you. We don't want any random players joining. Also please make sure that your main city remains bound to at least one third party account. We do not want you to lose your main city!

If you have any questions or are unsure about anything, please feel free to message Baz your leader or the deputies for further details.

3. Guide to attacking other cities

3.1 Scouting

It is strongly recommended to scout your target first. This provides you with a brief summary of their city details. Note that the higher your Recon Centre is the more detailed information you will receive. You will see 'Resources Saved' and 'Not Harvested'. The resources saved are resources that this city has collected and the resources not harvested are resources still awaiting their collection (the resources you see in your own city that require you to shake your device to collect). You will also see 'Defense Tower'. This shows you the guns that have been built to defend the city. These can be quite powerful so pay attention to these. Lastly, depending on the level of your Recon Centre, you will see 'Total Units'. This gives a brief summary of the troops currently idle in the city. It will not give you an exact count (until your recon centre is at lvl19) but will give you a rough idea of how many and what tier to expect. Also, at the bottom of the scout report you will see if you have ever scouted this city before and when.

3.2 Attacking

When sending your troops out to march there are a few things to be careful of. Any time you attack a city you LOSE troops whether you win or not. The amount you lose depends greatly on your army setup and level of success in the attack. Check the PVE/PVP and general guides section for in-depth info. The defending city will only ever have wounded troops UNLESS their hospital gets full, after which the remaining troops will be killed. The resources you plunder are affected by 2 factors:

The level of the city's depot will affect the cap at which you can plunder. For example: Defending city depot holds 500k. The scout report shows 600k saved and 100k not harvested. This will mean you will only plunder 200k (providing your fleet has the capacity). Pay attention to the city level in relation to the scout report. A city may have for example 800k saved, nice plunder there right? But if their city level is 14 then there is a good chance their depot will be high too, meaning that perhaps you may only get 100k if that from the attack. You need to judge whether the attack is worth the plunder - you don't want to lose troops unnecessarily.

3.3 Alliance rules regarding city attacks

4. Alliance Institute guide

4.1 Institute overview

The alliance institute can be found near our alliance hall and can be accessed from there or from the alliance page. The Alliance Institute holds various alliance wide skills which can be activated by deputies and the leader. These skills are obtained through donations to the institute, however these differ from regular donations. You may have noticed within your bag 'Tech Chips'. These are the items required to donate to the institute. To donate them, go to the Alliance Menu, then into Alliance Institute and click on the top research item (marked with a star). You can then donate your chips on this page. Once a skill has been fully researched it can then be used by spending Alliance Points. The cost can be quite high, however the benefit is substantial enough to be worth it. Each skill can be further enhanced by donating more chips and enhancing it's level. Tech Chips are obtained through Daily Alliance Quests (please check your Embassy to view these) and as rewards from the ruins. As these chips cost nothing to be obtained, please ensure you are donating all of them to the institute daily. This also counts towards your contribution ranking within the alliance. So if you have any in your bag, donate them straight away. You can donate a maximum of 50 per day. Below I will give a brief description of the Alliance Skills.

4.2 Alliance skills

4.3 Final thoughts

As you can see from all of the above the institute serves to greatly enhance our power! Therefore, don't let those chips collect dust in your bags. Instead, donate them to our institute and help us all grow further!

5. Strongest Commander guide

The next Strongest Commander event should have 5 stages this time, including the commonly known 'Kill Event'. The event starts this coming Monday and will last 7 days, ending the following Sunday night.

5.1 The first 4 days

Each day Monday to Thursday there will be a daily event which will be one of the following (in no particular order):

Each day will have 3 stages of rewards. The required points for each stage are directly related to your city level. You score points for doing the most you can each day. For example, when the quest is Construction and Research, the more buildings you finish upgrading or technology you complete the more points you score. The rewards for these quests are really good. I strongly recommend taking part! The stage 3 reward for each day is gold! In total throughout the event, you can accumulate a total of 2000+ gold!

5.2 Kill Event

After these 4 days the final stage 'Kill Event' will start. This lasts from Friday morning and will end Sunday night (game time). 'Kill Event' gets pretty crazy. Basically the idea is to kill as many tier 4 and above troops as you can. This will mean that the top alliances (including us I hope) will be teleporting around the map hitting as many cities as possible. For this reason I recommend that you either, find cities to attack yourself to score points or use some peace shields to avoid being attacked. Any kills you get while being attacked or reinforcing will count towards your score. There is no mercy during this event. ALL cities become viable targets. ALL cities. This includes farms, so send your farm troops out gathering or use a peace shield. Friendships during kill event don't count, don't trust anyone during this time! It is still wise to weigh up your risk versus your gain.

5.3 Final thoughts

At the end of all 5 stages, the commander who scored the most points becomes the 'Strongest Commander' and earns the title for 2 weeks, a very hefty reward and gets a flashy chat bubble to show off! All participants get rewarded at the end of the event and the reward is based off of your total score. Naturally, the higher the score, the better your reward! As I said, I highly recommend doing these events if you can as you can easily earn at least 2000 gold.

6. Doom Arena guide

The Doom Arena is a fun little mini game that the alliance can take part in once a week. It is activated by a leader and once started, members have 5 minutes to enter before it starts. We will be generally doing this on Mondays, however the day may occasionally change dependant on member availability. Everyone who participates gains rewards.

6.1 How it works

Inside we enter a mini map and the idea is to get from one end to the other asap. There will be 3 leaders who will give commands on when to advance your troops. There are numerous 'forts' on the way which are occupied by enemies. We need to battle these on our way through. There are 3 paths, top, middle and bottom, each containing approximately the same number of enemies. If not told otherwise by a leader, don't advance your troops if you see incoming enemies, because they will takeover the fort that you occupied and advance on our castle / entry point and the game will end if no one is there to defend it. At the end of the map is the enemy's castle. This is the main destination that needs to be defeated. Once we approach the final battle we will all gather and wait at the final point. Then we all attack at the same time in full force. In the event that we lose any battle we are forced to regroup our fleet at the entrance and set out again. Each battle causes you to lose troops which can be healed whenever you like and you can go back to the entrance to restock your troops if needed, but first consult with your leader. What happens in doom arena, stays in doom arena, meaning if all of your troops have been decimated in the arena, they will be fine when you exit the arena.

6.2 Final Thoughts

Each time we win a map our time gets recorded in the hall of fame. Last time we ranked #3 in the first map - a job well done for the second attempt! After each successful win we can advance onto the next map. It is our hope that we can be seen by others when viewing these rankings as formidable opponents who are successful due to working together! Everyone who enters the Doom Arena gains a temporary 1 hour peace shield protecting you from outside scouts / attacks. Overall it is a very enjoyable little mini game and I would encourage you all to join in on the fun!

7. PVE/PVP and general guides - under construction

Lomix shared this PVE army guide in chat, and we found it to really helpful. If someone finds or writes other good guides that we can implement here, then pls contact us. Here's the link for the source material for better viewing: PVE Army Guide.

Here's another good guide for different fleet setups (it's very similar to Lomix's guide): Different fleet setups.

Here's a general tips and tricks guide from the official facebook page: Age of Z game guide by BigWaldo.

And last but not least an in depth guide that also teaches you how to shape up your daily routine in the game: Age of Z – Routines tips techniques.


We just want to personally thank you all for being a part of our wonderful alliance. It is and will continue to be a pleasure to be supporting and growing with you! If you have any questions at all about the above or any other game play queries, please do not hesitate to ask Baz or a deputy and we will do our best to help!